Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meal Plan

Happy Sunday, y'all! Another meal plan for this week.

I had a look at a couple of cookbooks I have that I haven't looked at in a while for inspiration. Oh and if you scroll down and click on my Eat Your Books button, it will take you to a list of my cookbooks. Categorised online. Yeah I'm that much of a freak.


This week we're being real men and eating quiche. It's so creamy, cheesy and delectable I've no idea why people are so averse to it. I dare you to try mine.

 leek and cheese quiche with salad 
 ratatouille pasta bake 
 thai zucchini stir fry and rice 
 caramelised onion and pumpkin tart with oven fries and asparagus 
 teriyaki eggplant steaks with wasabi mash 

 chocolate cream cheese brownies 

 lentil, carrot and corn curry 
 orange and pear puree 

Excuse the excellent iPhone photo from my early blog days. Life sure was tough before my Canon arrived!

Meanwhile... is it true that men don't like quiche? Do YOU like quiche? What the hell is wrong with quiche?!


  1. I confess I'm a quiche hater. It's the eggs. I cook with eggs when I bake, but I can't taste them. If I can taste them, then I gag. And I don't think that's pleasant for anyone.

  2. So scrambled eggs are out for you then? Haha I'm not overly a fan of frittata or omelet... well, any eggs, really... but I can't taste them in this. I definitely suffer from egg regret, especially if I eat them boiled with soldiers or fried with a runny yolk. GAG.

  3. I absolutly LOVE quiche! In any shape or form. My mum makes her quiche with a few layers of bread then puts the egg over the top with cheese...yummy