Monday, December 5, 2011

Meatless Monday - Tempeh and Kale Stir Fry

Tempeh and kale. Two things that sounded too "out-there" for me. As always, however, once I got over that and tried them... I was pleasantly surprised.

I saw on my Instagram feed a vegan friend post pictures of her dinner - a tempeh dish. I told her I'd never tried it and she called me a name. Then said she loved it fried with mushrooms and soy sauce, and of course then I had to make it.

I started with half a packet, because I was ascairt. chopped it up into bite-size pieces, along with a few mushrooms, two cloves of garlic (do NOT skimp!) some kale from the garden and when all that was fried up, I turned down the heat and added some soy sauce.

I ate it as-is, but you could have with rice or extra veg or in any way you choose! I'm always inspired by what you tell me, and the ways you take a recipe I've given and make it your own. Then I usually make it the way you do, haha.

I know it sounds weird, and possibly looks weird - but lots of delicious things do. Don't let that put you off trying it.

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  1. Fussy Eater's MumDecember 5, 2011 11:49 AM

    Oh goody I have been meaning to try tempeh since I saw it listed as a "super food" in one of the books I've been reading. I assume it's like a denser tofu? If I can find it in my rural grocery store this week I will give it a go! And it probably would go well with my black beans!

  2. i have a recipe to make tempeh and it seems scary! this looks great, though!

  3. I can't do tempeh :( We've tried it a few times but neither Reubs or I have ever liked it (though maybe we've just been doing it wrong?) I WANT to love it but I just don't. Maybe I should give your little recipe a go....

    Katie x

  4. You're absolutely right, and with a slightly deeper flavour. I quite liked it. And it would pair perfectly with black beans!

  5. I definitely don't love it... but I was surprised to find I didn't hate it either. I used the one that is darker and mentioned something about tastier on the pack. I guess it's like tofu, 98% of the time, I hate it. I rarely find it done nicely!

  6. I've never actually cooked with Tempeh either. :) I do love Kale though so will definitely try this out!

  7. Great idea to do the link up for
    Meat Free Mondays! I’ll definitely be grabbing a button and participating next
    week :)

  8. Next week seemed too far away so decided to take part today :) Fabulous idea  x

  9. Yeah, it's a bit scary, but if all else fails, just pick the tempeh out! I didn't tell you that though ;-)

  10. I am SO addicted to tempeh. I fry it in soy sauce and paprika. sounds like I am the only one here that adores it! ha ha. 

  11. I take forever to come around to these sorts of things!! I do like this much better for stir fries than tofu :-)


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