Sunday, December 4, 2011

Veggie Meal Plan

This week is my first proper work-free week since classes ended a little while ago. I'm so looking forward to reading more and getting through the thousands of projects I've started and desperately want to do. I've got a post organised for next week of all the things I have on the go, and I'm dying to share because they're just so DAMN cute!

Meanwhile, it's also the week before my Tokyo trip, so I will be frantically making the baby a matching beanie-and-scarf set from pink fairy floss wool and a sweet little snowflake motif. And some mittens because it's gonna be chilly. Oh, and I have to pack and do a million other things.

Meals this week are going to be easy and probably Asian because I'm too excited about our trip and kind of want to be eating everything now. Yesterday I made an awesome veg/vegan banquet of avocado sushi, edamame, beef balls, dim sims and rice paper rolls with a lime and chilli dipping sauce. I love when I get inspired!

What's inspiring you this week?


 biryani and pappadums 
 three-cheese ravioli with ragu sauce 
 haloumi and veggie kebabs with rice salad 
 soy and garlic bok choy stir fry 

♥ pineapple upside-down cake 

 mixed veggie congee 
 plum crumble  


  1. sounds amazing. how do you find so many cheeses with non-animal rennet? I struggle big time. Is there a brand that you know, cause I would love to be in on that! 

  2. I shop around!! And sometimes brands will have one item with non-animal rennet, even though their other ones don't. I find South Cape for a good range is excellent, Devondale, Coles brand and some random ones here and there that I don't pay much attention to at the time. I just look at each thing every time I buy it :-)


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