Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cars 2 party and giveaway!

I have a confession to make.

I love kids movies.

My very first movie I ever watched at the cinema was Bambi. I am still not over his mum dying in that forest.

I'm not ashamed to say that two Christmases ago, I was given a copy of The Land Before Time on DVD. As a gift. I didn't even have any children then. I still religiously watch The Care Bears Movie.

When I was asked to throw a Cars 2 party in honour of the movie recently being released on Blu-Ray, my brain went into overdrive - I love a party, I love a theme, I love excited kids and I damn well love Pixar movies and I don't care who knows!

I recruited my sister, who has a six-year-old boy, a two-year-old girl and an incredible knack for throwing a good party. She was hassling me for weeks before this went down, ideas all tumbling out of her head and money tumbling out of her purse as she bought more and more themed things. Girl is SERIOUS about this stuff.

She insisted that all partygoers have Cars tattoos. This is her painfully cute Miss 2, Jasmine.

We are big kids at heart. We are the loudest, the most excited, the most dressed-up kid-party-goers you ever saw. In fact, I'm going to go so far as to say we were more excited about the party than the children. But that didn't last long!

First up on the list was the little attendees making their own licence plates. We got a tub of foam shapes and letters from K-Mart and let them go wild.

And I don't know about you, but there ain't no party like a party with a pass-the-parcel. This one contained a Spy Train, and the winning fellow was absolutely chuffed.

Now if you're me, then you think there ain't no party like a party with party food. We had mini hot dogs and teddy cars, which went down a treat. A veggie party-goer and I had cheese and sauce. Good stuff!

tiny party-goers refuelled with "motor oil" which tasted suspiciously like sarsparilla cordial.

We made a ton of popcorn in readiness for the grand premiere, and my genius sister had me put each portion into everyone's party hat. Genius.

We had a ton of pillows and blankets on the floor, kicked the adults out and turned it up real loud. Everyone got comfy, chilled out and ready to kick back and watch.

Even that ridiculously adorable, precious, incredibly biteable Veggie Baby. This post is in no way biased.

Look at those lips.


And those little crossed legs.

Hanging out with the big kids.


Gettin' all squished and slumpy in the cool pop-up tent.

We made super-duper totally red cupcakes and gave each kid about seventeen then sent them home to their parents. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We also filled Cars party favour bags with Cars crayons, colouring and activity sheets, whistles, balloons, candy and various other bits and pieces to take home.

It was a bit fun.

Hey Veggie Dad... we should probably have another baby.

Meanwhile, Thanks to Pixar, I am giving away a copy of Cars 2 on Blu-Ray and an uber-cool pop up tent! Slouchy baby not included.

All you gotta do is leave a comment telling me what is your favourite Pixar movie and why. I'll pick the answer I like the most. I'd like to do it randomly, but apparently the law frowns upon that... so I hope you don't mind this way!

The competition will close at 8am Saturday January 14. 
The lucky winner will be notified on the blog and by email.
Entry is open to Australian residents only.
Prize pack is valued at $74.99.

*Disclaimer - to celebrate Pixar's 25th birthday (I know, can you believe it?!), I was sent a Cars party pack that included cups, plates, napkins, a pop up tent, favour bags, activity sheets, Cars 2 on Blu-Ray, Toy Story 3 on DVD and Cars Toys, which we used as prizes for the games. If you think that receiving any of this has influenced my opinion in any way, you are a twit.


  1. Great post, I love the photos. I wish studios would send me free stuff.

  2. Ooh that's a hard one. The original Toy Story was amazing, all those toys looked liked so much fun to play with. But I do love Monsters Inc., perfect voice actors, good story and Boo made me all squishy inside. Come to think of it, Boo kind of reminds me of a bigger Veggie Baby (I swear I'm not ass kissing, haha!).

  3. Toy Story...the original. To infinity and beyond. How can you not love it? Also, love the car driving teddies. Great idea!

  4. Hard to chose - so many great movies! 'Up' is our favourite - we love Russell, Mr Fredricksen, Kevin the bird and Dug, the talking dog. The whole movie is so 'up lifting' (if you'll pardon the pun) - we love to watch it again and again!

  5. The monsters are groovy and witty,
    They make us laugh til we're pink,
    My children adore the characters and story,
    Of course it's Monsters Inc!

  6. Cars and Toy Story are the big favourites around here. My boys are absolutely nuts about both! We live and breathe every moment of the movies and create all sorts of new scenarios with all the characters accumulated. My son even once took Mr Potato Head's eyes to the pool with him so the "others" could see what it was like :) so cute! They would flip over that Cars tent!

  7. I've seen all the Pixars except Cars 2 but my all time favourite is Toy Story. I put it on when I'm not feeling so good and it always gives me a warm fuzzy. All three Toy Story's, Cars, A Bugs Life and Mosters Inc are on high rotation with my girls.

  8. Are you sure the prize doesn't include a slouchy baby? Because Veggie Baby is dead set ADORABLE. And those tiny teddies in their racing cars are a super clever idea..
    I am having a hard time choosing between The Incredibles, & Nemo. Both are on high rotation in this house. My daughter made a picture of the Incredible Family but with our heads photosphopped on, so that WE is the Incredible Family! It's been on the notice board for 5 years now & needs to be in a frame. I love the soothing ocean-ness of Nemo though, I used to put the ocean scenes (special features) on to get the boys to sleep when they where little. Worked on my dad, too.

  9. Definitely Cars! Oh, my son would be thrilled if I won this. He is a big Lightning Mcqueen fan! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    [email protected]

  10. those teddy cars are too cute! how clever!

  11. It used to be Finding Nemo until Up came out. Why? Because of the amazing opening sequence. It was cute, funny, beautiful, sad and heartbreaking moments all in the first 5 minutes. Squirrel!!!!

  12. I would say the original cars because I love me some Mater!

  13. Forget the comp, I love the disclaimer. Totally lawyer worthy ;)

  14. HUGE Toy Story fans,  something for everyone,  Little Miss 4 thinks Barbie and "Kem"  only exist in "Stoy Story 3"... we like to keep it that way,  she especially likes the bit when Barbie rips up "Kem's" clothes... so do I!

  15. My favorite is Monsters Inc. My kids FREAKIN LOVE Cars!

  16. We LOVE Cars 2, and that is why I am hoping to win this! We have rented the movie probably 10 times :) My kids (3 and 6) love to cuddle in mom and dads bed on the weekend and watch it together :) So fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Why are you making me choose between Up and Wall E? Up has to win because it has South America, puppies, balloons and a grumpy old man. If I win the tent & movie I'm having a Cars 2 themed party for my 30th on Feb 2nd. If I don't win, I'm making those adorable little tiny teddy cars regardless :)

  18. I'm a fan of Finding Nemo - so cute!

    "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim." - Dory's my favourite :D

  19. Monster Inc! Mike Wowzowski! Little Boo is the most gorgeous child on the planet, every parent I know can see their own childs cheekiness when that munchkin plays Boo with Sully

  20. (N)EMO has changed my daughters life, so many reasons how,
    (E)ven a trip to the dentist is going to be funny -wow,
    (M)ine, Mine, Mine, Mine! is what we scream when we see Seagulls on the prowl,
    (O)r anytime we see brightly coloured tropical fish they are all Dory, Nemo or Merlin now!!

    Thanks for the tiny teddy idea in the marsbar, totally doable and I can get the stuff from Aldi YAY!!

  21. oops i commented as my email address but really Im Amanda from Amanda's Mummy Jeans xoxox


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