Sunday, January 8, 2012

Veggie Meal Plan

With my head still firmly in holiday mode, and my diary fast filling up with things that mean I should really get my act together, dinners around here are still lazy summer style.

God help me if I have to put the oven on.

So with that, (and so I can get back to my book before the baby wakes up), here is what's going down in the Veggie Household this week:

 schnitzel with honey-soy sesame sauteed greens 
 antipasto pasta salad 
 mexican toasted sandwiches 
 sushi and veggie dumplings 


 banana pancakes 

♥ apple-apricot chunky mix 
 cold potato cubes 

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  1. What do you put in your schintzel? Would love to make some veggie ones..

  2. Several things! Either eggplant or soy fillets... Quorn ones are good! And Quorn, Sanitarium and Fry's make excellent frozen schnitzels xx