Monday, February 27, 2012

Meatless Monday - Grilled Eggplant Burger with Feta and Sweet Chilli

This burger came about when I was hunting around for different burger patty ideas. I've eaten everything there is to eat in the form of ready-made ones, and am yet to really foray into making them myself. (Although I made an amazing one recently, stay tuned!) I love eggplant and once I thought about grilling a slice of that as the burger base, everything just fell into place.

I gues any topping you like would work well - hommous and tahini, honey mustard, cheese and pineapple (yeah I went there), but for this I kept it simple. Tasty cheese, grilled eggplant, feta, sweet chili, tomato and letuce. It'll be in regular rotation from now on!

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  1. YUM!! I made eggplant parmigiana on the good!

  2. I made roasted summer vegetables, which included eggplant. Gorgeous. 

    We usually make our burgers with smashed beans and rice. A can of refried beans is the perfect texture. But I don't eat them on a bun, too much starch with the bread and rice. 1 burger and salad.Lovely recipe, and beautiful blog.Jill

  3. Oh I'd eat a refried bean burger for sure! And I love summer veggies x