Thursday, February 16, 2012

My weird love of old man outfits and an Osh Kosh kiddie clothes promotion at Trade Secret!

Look at this thing. Is this not adorable?

In keeping with my usual fashion choices of "If an old man wore it in the '50s, then I'll love it" mentality, I am a sucker for argyle. If I could knit it (and cable!), It'd be the only pattern I ever made. 

Thankfully I don't have to try and figure it out, because I can buy it from Trade Secret for $24.95.

And if there's something else I love besides argyle is cheap but well-made kids clothes. It's a cliche, but boy do they grow out of them so fast!

I love that Osh Kosh, which to my memory was for rich babies only, now has up to 50% off while stocks last at Trade Secret. But even after that, they're very reasonably priced. Or is it just that my allowance has increased?!

Adorable cardigans are top of my list. I am going to be making veggie baby (and new baby!) some cardigans for winter, but because my project list is bigger than my actual talent/time allocation, they will freeze if I don't supplement my handiwork with cute bought stuff. I wonder if one day they'll be all "oh my god, my mother makes my clothes. How embarrassment", or if they'll get a love for it themselves. Probably won't stop me though! Mother of the Year.

Having said that, I get a LOT of stuff from Trade Secret, especially for Veggie Baby. Three-quarters of her wardrobe are cute vintage-inspired dresses and anything with matching bloomers. I'm a sucker.

Anyway, if your 0-7 darlings need some funky new threads, and your budget is strictly "cheap and cheerful" (or even if it isn't!), you'll love the super savings. Everything from newborn onesies and bibs to cool corduroys and jackets for older kids, I'm sure you'll find something to love. Just don't come to my store, because I'm buying out all the knit vests, cardigans, and corduroy tunics. Sorry!

A full online catalogue is available here
and they are on Facebook here.
For all you twitter-lovers (hand is firmly raised), they tweet here

Promotion from February 15 til sold out. Stay away from my cardigans!



  1. Ohh man, matching bloomers get me every time! Even mis-matched bloomers do it for me, big time.

  2. Same! I buy anything with them haha