Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New play areas for the big sister. It's a little bit fun.

Recently, we bought a new couch. Which meant quite the re-arrangement of our lounge, and a few changes to make. 

First to go was the shelf that held Veggie Baby's toys, which we repurposed from the shelf that held our DVDs and CDs, pre-children. Which we repurposed from the head of a waterbed that used to belong to Veggie Dad's parents. We also repurposed* an old suitcase I found abandoned under our old house, which was the oldest house in the world and seemed to be still standing solely due to willpower and and several coats of lead-based paint and chunks of asbestos. 

I love this suitcase, I've overnighted with it, used it as my hospital suitcase when Veggie Baby was born, and stored keepsakes in it. It now makes a very sweet toy box for the babies. It's surprisingly roomy and holds all those little tiny bits and bobs that make you cry when you accidentally stand on them.

A cheap K-Mart kiddie sofa is covered in a grandma blanket and populated with friends.

Someone is terribly proud of herself for learning to put cubes in a square hole. It's pretty cute.

But it doesn't hold her attention for long.

We're off to our new favourite place!

The multi-repurposed shelf that now holds all our children's books. 

Thrifted books are our favourite. The older the better!

We even made a little reading nook where she waits patiently for new material. 

A popular choice.

 And usually ends up looking like this. Or worse. 

Thankfully it's around the corner and I can't see it. If I can't see the mess, it doesn't exist!

Next up to be changed is her new room... and I'm starting with this.

Which means this cute little bookshelf ensemble will have to be repurposed into something else. Who knew an old bedhead was ever going to be so useful!

Any ideas?

*I'm getting paid for every time I use the word "repurposed" in this post. Tee hee... if only.


  1. Oh she is just too perfect!
    Great job redoing your living area.
    Looks fab!
    x Stacey

  2. Holy hell woman, that child is angelic. And the little matching outfit! I'm sure she has her 'moments' but you do a great job of capturing her at her sweetest. And if that's not her sweetest - if she gets sweeter than that - I don't even want to know about it. I might fall over or something. She's so beautiful!

  3. Haha you're very kind. She is pretty amazing, and the had moments are very few. Will probably change when there's two! Thanks so much xx