Sunday, February 26, 2012

Veggie Meal Plan

I'm all about easy right now. Until I can get off this damn couch, everything is going to take the minimum of effort. And given it's still quite hot, most of these dishes are good for summery eves.

 "chicken" caesar salad 
 chickpea, baby beet, feta and spinach salad 
 curried veg sausages, mash and veg 
 focaccia pizzas 
 baked spinach and feta penne 


♥ frosted brownies 

♥ creamy asparagus and corn 
 cheerios and blueberries 

Back to the couch I go. Thank god for Coles online.


  1. baked spinach and feta penne... GET IN MAH BELLEH.
    (that is internet speak for my I please have the recipe oh fabulous one?)

  2. yeah bro! Will blog it this week sometime xoxo

  3. I'm so, SO excited about the beet salad!

  4. love the idea of frosted brownies! yum!!

  5. H there Veggie Mama, I love your blog, especially as a new vegetarian!  I really love the meal plans, but would it be possible to get a few recipies to go with the plans? 

  6. Hi! And welcome!

    If there's ever a meal I'm making that I have blogged before, I will usually link the recipe post. Most of them though are things I'm working on for upcoming posts, so I either don't know the recipe yet, or haven't made it! I hope that's not too much trouble for you :-/


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