Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kid food: Breakfast

To be honest, I think she'd eat the same thing every day.

Why not? Her father does.

It's my own special brand of crazy that means I can't eat the same breakfast over and over again. I don't even know why - but it might have something to do with the fact I can't buy the same shampoo twice in a row. If you told me I'd have to eat cereal every morning for a week I'd cry. And if not cry, then whinge about it a lot.

Anyway, I like to keep things reasonably varied for her just because I want her to get used to lots of different foods. There'll come a time when she'll only want vegemite toast cut into triangles on her pink plate every day for six months and woe betide anyone who cuts them into squares. 

Until that day, I rule breakfast.

Cheese on toast and sultanas. Plastic cheese. Mother of the Year.

What mum and dad were having on the weekend - scrambled eggs and diced fresh tomato.

Toasted Turkish bread and grapes. A mere scrape of butter.

Avocado on toast and blueberries. Frankly I'm surprised she eats wholegrain bread, but it's all she's ever had and I doubt she knows what she's missing.

English muffin with the slightest scrape of strawberry jam and white-flesh peaches.

I am terrified of small childrens' jam hands. 

I ummed and ahhed about the jam for a good fifteen minutes. Then decided I couldn't possibly put vegemite on an English muffin, though I've heard it's been done. Heathens.

Anyhow, this might provide some inspiration for your own little guys. This isn't what she had in a week (I'm not that energetic), but when she did have something different, I snapped a photo. I like seeing what other people's kids eat because I'm afraid I'm not very creative and she'll end up eating the same thing for breakfast over and over.



  1. What! Vegemite on English muffins is the best! And vegemite on crumpets too.

  2. This is amazing! I wish Willie would eat this variety of food. Breakfast is a struggle for him every morning...actually every meal is a struggle with him. I remember when he first started on solids, I even did the recommended 'introduce 1 food at a time' thing which is supposed to help prevent a fussy eater...nope! Some days I could pull my hair out, he is just so fussy! Please let me in on any secrets to get him interested in yummy, healthy food like this! 
    P.S You are an awesome mum
    P.P.S I never EVER buy the same shampoo twice in a row...who does that? Freaks! 

  3. I did that "introduce a new food" thing about twice... i heard it was so if they have an allergic reaction you can isolate the problem food? I am an awesome mother... heh. I'm reliably told fussy eaters still get their proper nutrients, and a lot grow out of it. The only thing I would do is offer him something and if he doesn't eat it, don't make a fuss, just give him what he wants. It'll probably change. If he's still doing that at 21, well, we've screwed up!


  4. Lately we've been giving E (nearly 2) plain yoghurt with various fruits added, plus a small amount of muesli. The excitement of looking for dried apricots in the muesli never ends.

  5. You know what is AWESOME?  English muffin with a scrape of vegemite, a slathering of avocado and sprinkled with cheese melted under the griller.  *drool*

  6. No. That should happen on rye toast only.

  7. I love how you're sharing what you feed Veggie Baby. I'm actually photographing the kids lunches because I'm obsessed with how people do school lunchboxes. Love the variety. And my kids don't eat the same things over and over again. My husband complains because it's never the same, but I like variety, and so that's what the kids get too!

    Love your work...


  8. I like to mix breakfast up a bit too. Although a staple at ours is vegemite and avocado on toast. Tried it? It's amazing. My son LOVES it. x

  9. But never the same is half the fun! My school life was two biscuits and a peanut butter sandwich. I love seeing what other people feed their babes.

  10. Oh absolutely, I love it! Especially on rye. Delicious.

  11. I have totally been eating so much finger food lately...


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