Sunday, March 18, 2012

Veggie Meal Plan

It won't stop raining.

I'm serious - I've started wearing gumboots (ok, cute ones but still gumboots) to work because I can't stand having cold, wet feet all day. It's impossible to get a park at my nearest shopping centre, I'm wary of taking the baby anywhere and the cat is constantly trying to get on my lap in all his wet-fur glory.

Therefore, when I looked for inspiration for dinners this week I didn't pull out a February issue of any food magazine, I picked July. All the comfort food for winter.

I bet after all that effort the rain will go away and it will be terribly hot and I'll cry into my risotto. Aw hell, any weather is risotto weather if you're me.

Lots of baking in this one, which I love because it makes everything so, so easy! I can sit down for a minute while it cooks. One lazy dinner of burritos that I may or may not fob off onto Veggie Dad to make. Everything makes good leftovers, so work lunches are sorted!

note to self: don't photograph lined paper.

Kid dinners this week will include pasta with peas and cheese, and veggie congee. We're going to try and give her the spoon more often to learn how to use it. She's mostly self-fed but dinners usually stray into us feeding her territory. I'm pretty sure early spoon skills are going to be very, very helpful when VB 2.0 arrives.

Lunchbox treat will be apple tea cake, I think. Yum.


  1. I'd eat dinner at your place! When Little E was first learning self-feeding skills we found she did better with a little fork than a spoon. Obviously not for very runny food, but for things like pasta she seemed to find stabbing easier than scooping.

  2. Very few people inspire me with food. My hubby does because he is a very talented chef and you do, yet it has taken me a while to firmly establish why...After looking at your wee menu planner here -it finally came to me.  It's not just about your style of cooking and it's not just the aesthetics and the fact that you have a very yummy blog! It's the creative vibe that pops out in your words - even in your handwriting. It's beautiful x 

  3. i really need to get back to meal planning! i've gotten super lazy.

  4. Oh that is such a good idea! We just get a lot of banging... the spoon makes it to the bowl, but not much else happens!

  5. Wow... what a tremendously lovely thing to say! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me. I get inspired all the time, but like you there's got to be an x-factor as to why. Sometimes I can't put my finger on it though. SO jealous of your personal chef!

  6. I do it because I've suddenly developed a deep and abiding hate for the supermarket and if I don't know what I'm going in for I end up spending way too much time there! Now I'm like a ninja - straight in, straight out.

  7. This looks so delicious that I think I might just copy and paste into my grocery shopping list. Thanks so much for the dinner inspiration! A x

  8. haha my pleasure! That pretty much was my shopping list.