Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free crochet pattern - Winter Lady baby girl hat

It's getting cooler now, and I'm excited to make hats in darker colours. I think they're so funky. And it helps when the breeze is cool but there's still sun so the thicker ply keeps baby's head warm while the brim keeps the sun out of their eyes. I'm going to experiment more with hats made from bamboo blend for summer... I love the softness and lightness of the yarn but it's still strong enough for a structured hat.

Anyway, as usual this is a very simple pattern! Very much like my others, but with slight variation.

Depending on baby's head size, I'd say this one fits between 4-5 months and about 7-8 months.

have fun!

You will need:
1 4.5mm hook
2 balls 8ply wool in contrasting colours


1. ch 5, join to form ring.

2. ch 1, 10 dc in ring, sl st to join.

3 and 4. ch 1, 2 dc in same stitch, 2 dc in each stitch around, sl st to join.

5 - 13. ch 1, 1 dc in same stitch, 1 dc in each stitch all the way around. sl st to join. continue as long as you need to make the hat the depth you want. I did 9 rows.

14 (brim). ch 1, 2dc in same stitch. 2dc in each stitch around, sl st to join.

15. ch 1, 1 dc in same stitch. 1 dc in each stitch around, sl st to join.  extend for a wider brim.

16. *hdc in first stitch, 2dc in next stitch, hdc in next stitch*. continue this pattern all the way around so you have a little wavy end to your brim.

Hat Band:

In contrasting colour, ch 80. Fasten off.

I wove it in each stitch, over and under, in the last row above the brim. I tied in a knot, and hid the ends under the flower.


I used this pattern, which I love.

*oh and a word about copyright on this - I'm very grateful to the internet for teaching me and being a fount of sometimes-free knowledge, which helped a great deal. Do what you like with what you make from this free crochet pattern, including selling the hats if you'd like. Just don't sell my pattern, and it would be nice if you linked to me if you use it on your blog. But you don't have to :)


  1. I wish i new how to crochet! looks wicked! cute as

  2. Can you please stop posting crochet patterns? I'm still finishing one! I am addicted and then you keep posting stuff I wanna do! Ack! I wish I have eight arms.

  3. I love your blog...it is so beautiful and inspiring...I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award...if you would like more information, all the details are on my page at mamacino.
    Kristin x

  4. Oh what lovely news! Thank you so much for thinking of me, and I'm glad you enjoy the blog xx

  5. baby underneath is even better :)

  6. Lucky these don't take long to make! Loving the stuff you've been posting pictures of xx

  7. Think it would work for a 4-year old? Just add more stitches?

  8. You would need to make the first two tows of 2dc wider, to fit the widest part of the head. I would probably try a smaller hook size. As this won't stretch enough if you made the hat deeper, and not wider :-)

  9.  I've chosen your pattern to make for my cousins baby.  I'll give you recognition in my blog when completed

  10. I posted on my blog 2 posts. On June 10th I posted about you in text and on June 11 I posted photo's along with a quick mention of you again.   http://crochetthoughts.blogspot.ca/

  11. Oh that's fabulous! Cannot wait to see your version!

  12. Oh this is wonderful, thank you so much! The hat looks adorable xx

  13.  Thank you so much! I also posted a pic in our ravelry group "crochet on ravelry"

  14. This is super cute. Making three of these for my friend who is pregnant with triplets - all girls. Thank you for posting a lovely pattern and keeping it accessible and free!

  15. Oh good luck! and wish your friend luck! Triplets will rock her world :)


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