Monday, April 9, 2012

Meatless Monday - veggie flatbread pizza

I used to be such a deep-dish girl. I don't know what happened, but over time the chewy crust appealed less and less and I was a newly-converted thin and crispy girl. I never went so far that I'd just use flatbread, I liked a bit more substance in my bases.

Well, not any more.

I usually make my own pizza dough, and it is incredibly chewy and delightful. One day I was lazy and put everything on to a pita bread and found out what I'd been missing all these years. It isn't soggy and floppy at all! It really lets the toppings shine and I'd like to take this moment to apologise to flabread pizzas that I never trusted them. I was wrong.

I've written the toppings I had on mine, but go nuts! put anything you like on! including nuts!

1-2 flatbreads per person
your choice of pizza sauce (I just used plain tomato paste on this)
1 squirt each Gourmet Garden garlic and basil, swirled into sauce
thinly-sliced mushroom and zucchini
diced capsicum, onion and tomato
lots of cheese. lots.


1. Assemble.

2. Bake.

3. Wish you'd bought pineapple because you really want it on your pizza.

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  1. That's because you're awesome.

  2. And they are delish! I always felt guilty that I didn't make my own bases but using pita or flatbread means my daughter can easily make her own creations. PS - I love vegie mama, such a great blog!

  3. Oh I'm so pleased, thank you for saying! I love everyone making their own pizzas :)