Sunday, April 22, 2012

Veggie Meal Plan

Happy Sunday!

I hope you're enjoying it.

My post is a little late today because I have been enjoying my Sunday! I've been to the farmer's markets to pick up fruit and veg (overloaded on the fruit as you can see above, cos I'm on a juicing spree!), a baby + kids market to buy two new babies (ok I bought several cute second-hand dresses and a silicone teething bangle but... you know), I've bought groceries online, played with the baby, had a jalapeno bagel for breakfast and am now chilling out and doing a bit of work while the baby sleeps.


I also bought a whiteboard this week because I kept forgetting stuff... or not reading it in my diary... or not setting reminders on every gadget I own. I'm hoping it will help keep track of all my writing deadlines, appointments and random bits I have to remember. but for today, it helped me figure out what we're eating this week.

I cannot wait to eat that ravioli. I'm making it with some organic sundried tomatoes I have, and serving it with a little parmesan and cream sauce. I think I'll make it Tuesday for mah birthday! Should probably make a cake too.

Tonight Veggie Dad is taking me to my favourite restaurant, Humid in Noosa. Do you know what they have? A FULL VEGETARIAN MENU alongside their regular one. Not just a token meatless dish to shut us up! A whole menu from which to choose what I like, pretty much like what the rest of you get every time you go out, haha. I'm so used to skipping straight to the last dish on the menu because it's the veg one. I hadly even read whatever else there is, because I usually can't have it.

A full menu. And last time I went there the food was so good I accosted the owner and almost told her I loved her. Perhaps tonight will be the night.



  1. Amanda - Purely4kidsApr 21, 2012 10:20 PM

    Love this - had to laugh over the whiteboard comment - I swear u were talking to me - I have reminders, diary entries, calendars and I still miss things!!!
    Enjoy your dinner - and be sure to tell us how the ravioli turns out - yum!!

  2. Oh I can't wait for it! I hope it turns out Ok.