Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I wish I knew at 15.

Morning guys!

The year I was 15 was crazy. I'd moved from an outback town to the big city. From parent to parent and at the end of that year... out on my own.

So much happened.

I was so naive, so lost, so lonely and desperate to be loved. I feel sorry for that poor girl.

Over at JustB today, I'm telling that girl what I wish someone had told me then. What I wish I knew.

Oh and kids?

Stay in school!


  1. squigglyrainbowApr 18, 2012 08:04 PM

    Hello!  Just found you via JustB... lovely to meet you!  xx Rach - Squiggly Rainbow

  2. well thank you so much for dropping by! I hope you enjoy it here x

  3. That was an amazing post Stacey.  I wish I had told my 15 year old self a few of those things too.  Thank you for sharing it. x
    ps.  Still can't believe I wasn't confident enough to come and say hi at DPCON!

  4. Hah I think I saw you but I was rushing somewhere and I couldn't double-check! And thank you xx

  5. Wow. Your 15 year old you sounds similar to me, except I didn't drop out of school and my parents didn't split up.
    The feelings about yourself, the pushing others away, it's spot on. I am still sitting high in my fortress and I have no idea how to let people in.

  6. Veggie, I left a comment over on JustB, but I just wanted to say 'bravo' here as well. I wouldn't know where to begin in a letter to my 15 year old self! xx