Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick and easy felafel wrap with mint and cucumber yogurt.

Hi. I'm Veggie Mama, and I like to cut corners.

While I've no doubt a made-from-scratch felafel would be gorgeous, juicy little balls packed with mouth-watering flavour, I've never had cause to make them by hand. Yet.

For my various felafel needs, which admittedly to this date have been few, I turn to the trusty little yellow box that I've no doubt pleased thousands like myself over the years. I don't know who makes them or where they come from, but they make their way into my basket from time to time and make very satisfactory little felafel thingies for my wraps.

One thing I do insist on, however, is the making of my own mint-cucumber-garlic-yogurt concoction either as a dressing or dipping sauce. The flavour is just never the same when you get it out of a tub. The tubs are good... especially at parties when I'm vulturing around the buffet table, but at home I like to be able to whip a bit up myself.

And look at these felafel babies. Suit my purpose perfectly!

 On a soft wrap, I grate some cheese, and add chopped tomato, red onion and lettuce. The more like a 2am kebab, the better. I usually put hommus too, but I didn't have any - gasp!

I make the felafel according to packet directions but I'm lazy and I don't roll them into balls. I spoon them out onto a greased tray like little flat cookies and bake until set.

For my dressing, I add one minced garlic clove and one diced lebanese cucumber to 200g natural Greek-style yogurt with a handful of chopped mint and a lot of salt.


Now here's the part where I ask you if you've got an awesome felafel recipe to share, in case one day I decide to shed my lazy ways - I know there's got to be something out there that will make me cry with joy! Felafel FTW.

*disclaimer: Just like I've no idea of the company of origin of my friendly yellow felafel box, they haven't a clue who I am. I paid my two bucks for it like anybody else in the supermarket. I just like it, is all, and I share what I like xxx


  1. Thank you! Such a good, quick lunch.

  2. I'm a bit ashamed to say but I've never made felafel from scratch, I always use that same little yellow box! Those wraps look absolutely delicious and I love the look of the mint and cucumber yoghurt.

  3. I use a box mix too - though I find the "Kings" brand one from the *ahem* ...other supermarket chain... yummier, though it's not gluten free. I usually roll into balls and quickly deep fry, and always with hummus. I might have to try your yoghurt dressing too though!

  4. I'm even lazier! I keep a pack of ready made felafel in the freezer that I buy from a lady at the local markets :-)


    Hi Stacey

    Long time reader, first time poster here. *waves

    Felafels....I have to admit...I'm even lazier than the
    yellow box...did you know you can buy them pre made now in the fridge section
    (with over vegetarian stuff)? These are really low in kj also (don't know
    how...maybe they bake them? *shrugs*)...but since finding them I can't even be
    bothered to do the yellow box making procedure...

    Terrible....especially when I know I have an authentic Greek
    family recipe around here somewhere given to me by an old Greek woman on the
    promise that I would only make them this way from now on...*hangs head*...

    But on a less head hanging note...they are awesome...nuff
    said. Here is the link to the brand...I too have no affiliation what so
    ever...just like to share my laziness with all.:

  6. Haha that little yellow box is our friend. We can't desert him/her now!

  7. DEEP FRY! you are my new best friend.

  8. Oooh hello! *waves back*

    I love when people de-lurk... I never know who's reading so I'm pleased you did!

    I forgot to mention that not only am I lazy, but I am also cheap. This box is cheap. The refrigerated felafels probably cost more due to their excessive tastiness and I skip them usually. I'm not going to now, I will follow your lead. Thank you so much! And thanks for reading :)

  9. Felafel in a box? Who knew!? x

  10. ooohhh! yummmm trying this out, thanks!

  11. You're very welcome! Any time x