Sunday, July 22, 2012

Veggie meal plan

It's about that time of year where lots of this happens:

Rugging up, watching fun things (in this case, River Cottage Spring!) and a hell of a lot of crochet. I've got the biggest to-do list and I've not even made anything for my own baby yet! Must get cracking as I've only got 8 or so weeks left. But I'm getting very, very, very tired ;-/

Anyhow, yesterday I decided to check out the Yandina markets, as I'd never been. I usually go closer to home but on a Noosa chef's recommendation, I checked it out. I am SO glad I did!

The produce was so gorgeous and fresh, and it was hard to choose which stall to go to! I ended up getting a little from everywhere. This whole haul cost me less than $40 and should do us nicely this week, although I will need some more bananas. My meal plan is very much based on what I found there. I also got some gorgeous olives and handmade pasta.

Speaking of find, I also picked up this authentic '80s Care Bear for $3! It's in wonderful condition and there were two of them. There was a LOT of cool trash and treasure at these markets, tons of stuff I will be filling bags with next time I go. It's like time has stopped out there and cool things have just been waiting for me to come along and collect them! I also bought a gorgeous little pearl and silver antique pendant for $7. A vintage globe has my name on it for next week. I almost spent the fruit + veg money on trinkets.

Anyhow, onto this week's meals:

* fettuccine with asparagus, pea and mint
* cannellini bean and haloumi salad with roasted tomatoes and kale
* tacos!
* Schnitzel with roasted pumpkin, potato, parsnip, and a pea puree
* Soba noodle stir fry

Pretty easy stuff, but pretty delicious too. I'm going to play around with sundried tomato, feta and kale savoury muffins, and make some date and coconut balls for the baby.



  1. yeah! way to go at the market, that produce looks yuuuum. and a care bear, sweet!

  2. We've been eating kale from our garden, braised with apple, onion and vinegar. It's greatmate! And am I wrong, or are those possibly the cutest fat little bananas ever?!

  3. I still  have my treasured 80s care bear! I clearly remember being in an op shop with Mum and begging her to buy it for me - I must have been about 6 at the time.  It now lives in my daughter's toy basket. That was one well-made toy!

  4. I love ladyfinger bananas! I'm hoping Abby will too. My kale is just growing back now, I've been eating soooo much of it! Never had it with apple though...

  5. We were too poor, so I never had one! I was very sad. Possibly only getting over the trauma now that I've found one haha xx

  6. Adore that little care bear! Will have to take a trip up there now that I am in closer proximity.

  7. When I go to the markets...I am in Brisbane so I go either to West End or to Kelvin Grove...I usually end up spending my fruit and veg money on other bits and pieces!  I have to force myself to walk by the trash and treasure tables and focus on produce!
    Sounds like a yummy menu for this week!

  8. How amazing is kale. I discovered it just recently (yep, Lame-o me) and now you've added to my wonderment of this fabulous leafy gem. Out of the vase and into my tummy! :)