Friday, October 26, 2012

Feeding a starving breastfeeding mama

Oh man. I am mid-voracious appetite, just like I remember from last time. I have never been so hungry in all my life. Not only am I having second breakfast, but I'm having two lunches, two dinners and god knows what else in between.

Last time I didn't know what was coming. Last time I was so hungry but so busy and I'd end up eating nothing but toast all day because it was quick. Sometimes some cereal. Nothing substantial. I lost soooooo much weight and felt weak and tired all the time.

This time I was proactive. At the start of each week I make a batch of quinoa or brown rice and make salads ready to go for lunch time. I make sure I eat a ton of breakfast in case I can't get to food before lunch. Hell, before 3pm! I make sure there's snacks aplenty and I watch my protein to make sure I'm fueled up enough to not only feed a new human, but make sure I can get through the day with two very little kids.

So I thought I'd share what I've been eating in case it helps another new and starving mum. I know the feeling and HANGRY aint pretty!

* Porridge with coconut sugar, dried raspberries and cacao nibs * cereal with soy milk and banana * scrambled eggs with tomato, spinach, mushrooms and beans * toast with avocado, tomato, feta and lemon * organic deluxe buckinis with banana and strawberry * apple pancakes *

Porridge. Is good.

Loving Earth deluxe buckinis.

weekend breakfast recipe here


* grilled cheese sandwich and salad * burrito with beans, cheese, salsa, avocado, lettuce and sour cream * quinoa/brown rice and roast veg salad with feta * veggie nuggets with zucchini, feta and pea salad * leftovers* caramelised onion and feta frittata * veggie burgers * salad wrap with quorn chicken fillets and caesar dressing * quesadillas * 

frittata brought to my house from Mother Down Under. What a gem.

Brown rice salad recipe here.

veggie quinoa salad recipe here.


*eggplant and sweet potato haloumi stacks * cheese tortellini with veggie-tomato sauce * homemade pizza * veggie curry * stir fry * black bean quesadillas * broccoli slice * zucchini and feta quiche * 

quesadilla recipe here

caramelised onion and feta frittata recipe here

Yakisoba stir fry recipe here


*banana berry smoothie * date and coconut balls * cereal * Loving Earth Luvju superfood bar * cheese and crackers * fruit crumble * apple cinnamon pikelets * banana pikelets * veggie-cheese pikelets * apple oatmeal cookies * homemade muesli bars * finger sandwiches * savory muffins * 

recipe here 

recipe here. 

recipe here

banana pikelet recipe here

All to help feed this adorable thing: 

Outfit thanks to Cotton On Kids!

Any tips you want to add? What did you eat? I'd love to hear!


  1. I ate everything in site. Everything! And it was in my pre-cooking days so it was a lot of pre-packaged crap. I always had to have a few muesli bars on the nightstand too, because I'd get so hungry during the night when I was up feeding.

  2. Truthfully, I just scrolled past this whole post because I knew their would be a gorgeous little baby prize at the end... and I was not disappointed. Love x

  3. Oh man.. it's not as bad as it was in the beginning but I can eat like a horse since I started breastfeeding Hannah! Your meals look wayyyy healthier than the crap I normally fill up on. At one stage I was eating 8 weetbix for a midnight "snack" ... quick and easy! Hoping to see you tomorrow x

  4. I just want to SQUEEZE her little face!! Seriously, you bake the most beautiful little girls (I hope that doesn't come off all 'crazy internet stalker' like)

    The first few months after L was born I was absolutely starving. Feeding a newborn and chasing after a toddler gives you a giant appetite! I used to make ricotta and berry muffins with some protein powder (the Body For Women berry one) to have on hand as quick snacks to keep me full in between meals.

  5. Hi VM, your foodie pics look scrumptious! Breastfeeding women require 2000 kilojoules extra per day on top of what their body already needs. No wonder you are hungry huh! Regular healthy snack is the key. As a guide, a piece of fruit is only 100 kilojoules, so snacking on fruit is great, but also including nuts, eggs, wholegrain breads, nut pastes will have you pumping out heaps of boobie milk and feeling less hungry :)

  6. Haha definitely not stalker! She is awful cute. Love the idea of ricotta in the muffins! I don't do that but it would be delicious. And I think I'm going to start putting protein powder in everything.

  7. Haha it's crazy. Weetbix are so versatile, I could eat them anytime! Long live the midnight snack.

  8. Haha you don't need my help anyway! Your food is way better than mine x

  9. Oh damn, I don't go nowhere without a muesli bar in my bag! I'm not gonna lie, there's been a hell of a lot of Mint Slice biscuits being consumed...

  10. I eat so much peanut butter on toast! I try to put eggs in things, as I don't like them on their own very much. The frittatas are a pretty delicious way of getting them down! I do put nuts in my smoothies and salads, but definitely need to eat more of them, so thanks for the tip! You're quite a handy person to know! xx

  11. Lordie me she is a little cutie isn't she!

  12. I think so! But I'm biased as hell ;-)

  13. Next time I am breastfeeding can I come hang at your place?
    Actually can I come even if I am not breastfeeding? Everything looks delicious!

    And of course Pepper looks like most delicious...that is one adorable baby!

    I baked and ate a lot of muffins...I could eat them with one hand which was, for lack of a better word, handy.
    And full cream dairy. I love milk so this was easy for me.
    And hot every night...Toddler C was a winter baby.

  14. First time around all I ate was peanut butter on toast. The jokes on me because that's what the fussy one lives on. Oops.

  15. OMG I just made those banana pikelets and they are divine!! 2 thumbs and 2 toes up from my boy!! I too always make flat pikelets but these babies are nice and fluffy!

  16. ugh, I can't stand milk! But i've made soooo many muffins, they're super handy! Theres about nine million in the freezer. Abby was a winter baby, I don't know what the hell I was doing. You're more than welcome anytime!

  17. haha I remember eating that when pregnant with abby. I briefly wondered if a whole loaf was too much in one sitting. I've been eating a ton of it now too... with honey. SO GOOD.

  18. Oh man, gotta have a fluffy pikelet!

  19. Reading that just made me so hungry! I have realised in hindsight that not eating enough protein was a very big mistake when I had number two (number one was 18 mths). I was always tired and had less patience than I should have. Everything seems easier when you are not hungry and exhausted.

  20. Amen sister! mine are 18 months apart, and the older one has her moments where she's very trying. I notice I've less patience to deal with it if I haven't eaten, or if I've eaten crap.

  21. In the early day, when I was stuck on the couch breastfeeding for eight hours a day, I kept bags of frozen 'Maria's Select Foods' Pumpkin Gnocchi in the freezer, and would make up big batches of homemade pesto freeze it in portions with my Quibies. That way I could have a nice hearty lunch ready in less than 10 minutes, just add a handful of rocket and a few chopped cherry tomatoes, and you're good to go. And If I had a few more minutes I would even grate some parmesan, and add some toasted pine nuts. Delicious!
    I pretty much lived on this for the first few months!

  22. Ooh I never thought of freezer meals! Genius!

  23. Man, that food looks so good! At the moment I have no idea what to eat because my 8 week old son may have a dairy intolerance so my paediatrician has told me to cut all dairy & soy to see how we go. With my girls I could eat anything except chocolate, with this dude I'm bloody starving!


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