Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kid food - lunch

Lunch! So many things to eat, so little time.

English muffin pizzas are fun for a change. I personally hate eating them, but Abby doesn't :)

Avocado on tortilla with sweet chilli sauce and dried fig.

Egg sandwich - always a winner. 

Avocado on turkish, Cinnamon Honey Hearts cereal, grapes.

Baked beans and cheese on a wrap with pear. We're eating pear now, don't you know?!


  1. English muffin pizzas are the favourite with this lot too!

  2. I was honestly suprised she liked them! There's not much she does eat in the way of veggies, sadly. Turned down mashed potato last night. MASHED POTATO.

  3. How do you make your egg sambos VeggieMama? My little man totally digs eggs!

  4. two eggs, a sprinkle of salt, some good mayo - homemade is best, but Best Foods is usually what I use. Heinz Salad Cream sometimes is lovely. And for mama, a teaspoon or so of curry powder! Even ranch dressing is good - but only Paul Newman's :)

  5. Loving the muffin pizzas, going to try that.

  6. Im glad they were a hit with Abby :)

  7. Mother Down UnderOctober 3, 2012 5:54 PM

    Your daughter eats better than I do!

    And Toddler C turned down mashed potato the other he eats olives! Whatever.
    Pears are a go here too!

  8. Egg sandwich is always a winner! (my grandma is making me some for the road today!)


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