Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love to Dream Organic Swaddle Giveaway!

Swaddling was something I was determined to master when I had Abby. Whatever was going to get me MOAR SLEEP was something I was going to perfect, come what may.

And I did. I am (self-proclaimed, but try me) the Best Baby Swaddler Ever.

I even hated when other people would swaddle her as I knew she was going to come undone and wake herself up. There would be tears. Mostly mine.

But Abby was a winter baby. She could handle an extra couple of layers, and since a large swaddle was one of the Key Things To Keeping a Baby Swaddled, it meant even more layers of muslin.
I thought about getting a little swaddle bag for Pepper, as they're only one layer and quite light for summer. I wasn't sure, as I still wasn't sold on their ability to really stifle the startle reflex that I was pretty certain would keep waking her up. Then I was given one as a baby shower present and that was that.

She has not been out of one since she was born.

Ok, that's a lie - one day she puked on one and had a poosplosion on the other, so they were both in the wash and I swaddled her. She sweated all over me. 

Turns out Abby really liked to play with her hair when going to sleep, so the swaddles didn't last more than a few months.

It also appears Pepper really likes sleeping with her paws up near her face. These cute little bags allow her to do that.

I really, really like to hold her (my last baby... waaaaaaahhhhhh) and it's getting really, really hot. I'm so thankful someone smarter than me designed these so I can squish her all day long and not overheat her, but when I put her down she's still snuggled.

The swaddle is stretchy, and after tucking their little wings in, sits super-close to the body to make the babies feel warm and comforted. 

And I can let others zip her up in one without wigging out that I'm going to have to re-wrap her in half an hour anyway.

She also really hates getting her nappy changed, so the clever double-zip means she can be swaddled at the top and I just unzip her bottom half and get business done. No unwrapping the whole baby. Given babies poop nine million times a day, this has been fabulous for us, and our eardrums. 

But for you? This is what it does: 

Love to Dream asked me if I'd like a Love To Swaddle Up Organic which is even lighter than the one I originally had, and if I'd like to give one away to you guys.

A lot of you are already fans, so if you know someone who just had a baby or who is going to, then enter on their behalf! Or let them know... every mum needs the best sleep they can get!

Oh yeah... the babies. The babies do too.

So here's what you'll get:

A Love to Swaddle Up Organic

because you'll probably be washing yours as often as I do mine!

All's you have to do is leave a comment telling me your swaddle stories. We will pick one that resonates with us and you will be the winnah!

It's Ok. I don't like games of skill either, but without a permit we can't do a random draw. Sucky McSuckerson.

The competition will close next Sunday November 4 at 5pm Queensland time.

Please make sure you're contactable in your entry - I've had a few winners go missing so don't forget!
I will email the winner and announce it on my Facebook page.

Good luck xx


  1. We used velcro swaddles with our first but they suck in the washing machine. Untangling a giant ball of wet washing? No thanks! Despite my plan to reuse everything with our baby I'm now pregnant with, I think (know!) new swaddles are in order! Thanks for blogging VM

  2. No babies here, so no need for me to enter, I just want to say that Pepper is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen.
    Argh you are making me want another one!
    Maybe I should enter?

  3. With my first, we were hopeless at swaddling. I couldn't master letting her have her hands up near her face (which she insisted on) and it made the whole business MUCH more upsetting for everyone! My second is due... oh wait, YESTERDAY (I'm not counting the seconds now, no sir). If she's the same as her sister I'm going to need to work out how to let her snuggle her fists to her face while still swaddling if I ever want to get any sleep!

  4. I am due in the next two weeks (arghh!), with number 1. I haven't bought any swaddles as yet as I was just unsure which ones would be good. So for the moment will rely on the ol' muslin, but Pepper just looks so gorgeous and comfortable in her swaddle, I may just need to buy one for my little girl!

  5. I have had a few friends tell me about these and I think we need to invest in a couple. I just had my first baby 3 weeks ago and she is the cutest most wriggly little thing ever! I am a bit like you with the wrapping because if anyone else wraps her she always manages to escape. We call her our little Houdini. Every time my husband wraps her I find myself standing behind him having to stop myself from giving him tips. But guaranteed every time he wraps her she escapes. The other morning I found her with the entire wrap around one leg and the rest of her uncovered. She had her arms above her head like she was doing a victory air pump. She is such a cracker!

  6. I have heard of these also being very good. My baby Joseph is 9 weeks old now and I started doing the double muslin swaddle when it was still cool in August. I was obsessed with swaddling and didn't like how anyone else did it and everyone has their special way of doing it! There is noting like seeing your gorgeous bundle all wrapped up. Now that it's warm he is like a little hot water bottle! Once I realised this wasn't going to work anymore I went out and bought a Woombie in a summer cotton which is perfect for this weather. It zips up too and keeps them cozy. I only have one so when he has a poo explosion or something else of vomitous proportions I am stuck! I have been meaning to get a second one to have as a spare. I would love to win this swaddle you are giving away! Please email me when I win at [email protected]. Thank you.

  7. Oh this was a LIFESAVER for Lior. He loved being swaddled, and we really didn't take him out of it till he was like 5 months old!
    Actually, I was incredibly nervous about taking him out of it. Even though he could roll to each side, I didn't think he would sleep without it. It took quite a few nights before he would settle without it. I had two we had borrowed from a friend - best things ever!

  8. Oh god! Please! I need to try this! I will try anything to help settle my bubba boy who is freshly 8 weeks old! He has the worst startle reflex ever & no matter how tight we swaddle, forget it, his arms & legs are out & flicking about waking him up without fail! He's high needs, this kiddo & has rarely been out of my arms since birth(no exaggeration, he can maybe handle 5 minutes at a time without Mumma), its nice to be wanted so much by the little dude but his two sisters want a piece of Mumma too! If these things help even the tiniest bit, I'm sold! xx
    Ps congrats on the birth of your little Pep!

  9. Hi Stacey .. I have been reading your blog for a while now but this is my first comment .. so Hi :) I am due to have my first bubba early next year. I am so clueless I didn't even know what swaddling was until I read this post! So I am loving all your newborn stories/advice, especially 'things I forgot about having a newborn'. Made me so excited to be a mama! I am planning on my baby being a veggie baby too .. so I love all your kid (and adult) food ideas. Thanks for being awesome. Emma xx

  10. My Miss P had a pink one of these and she wore it until it would no longer fit! (It's now in the cupboard waiting for a sibling to come along). She used to suck on the left hand to get to sleep and it had a permanent brown mark, even when I washed it. Just lovely. But seriously, those are the BEST! I had wished I had two so that I didn't have to nearly kill myself washing and drying it between naps.

  11. Let me just start by saying I think I'd like to challenge you to see who is the best swaddler of babies!! When my boys were babies I swaddled them like it was nobodies business & both of them loved it!
    Now let me ask you a personal question ( tell me to mind my business if you like) - how do you know Pepper is your last baby? What if you change your mind? I'm curious because I had my first bubba 2 weeks before my 21st & my second nearly 3 years later. I believed I was done & dusted. Fast forward nearly 10 years & we've been trying for our third for the last 18 or so months. Something just changed for us & we decided after all that time our family wasn't done. So far it looks like the universe is telling us we are done but I'm not listening.
    I guess I'm just asking if your super sure?? Because lets face it, you make pretty cute babies xx

  12. our baby isn't due for another month, so we've been practising swaddling each other... thats the best I can do for now for a swaddling story!!

  13. I'm expecting bub #2 next year and am entering this giveaway out of sheer panic that our sucky swaddling skills with #1 will follow us into second time parenting and bring as much grief as the first. These cute swaddling creations sound like they are idiot proof so we clearly need one! P.S Is it natural to be more freaked out with baby #2 than #1? #terrified

  14. Oh I wish I had have had one of these for my own babies! My newest (and also last.. waaaaah) one is already 4 months old, but we weren't allowed to swaddle him as the poor little dude suffered a broken collar bone when he was born :( The extra big muslin wraps I made for him are about to be chopped up and used to strain yoghurt to make labneh!! My little sis is preggo with her first baby though, and I would love to send her a fancy new swaddle instead of some old cheesey ones ;) Thank you Veggie Mama.
    x Rhi

  15. My daughter Sophie is 4 weeks old and I was DETERMINED to swaddled her! Her older brother hated being swaddled and always escaped - one of the reasons I believe he was a terrible sleeper. So we bought 4-5 different saddles and she hated them until we bought the love to swaddle - she loves to suck her hands! Being able to swaddle her has been fantastic, and mumma is getting alot more sleep! Will have to look into the organic as I'm also in Qld and love to sbuggle up with our last baby x

  16. Excuse the terrible spelling - note to self don't try to comment one handed whilst feeding


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