Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Veggie Mama Style File

So recently I was asked if Cotton On Kids could send Pepper some baby clothes. She was four days old but hey, she's a stylish kid, so I said yes. Like she's a celebrity or something. Plus Cotton On Kids has the cutest stuff so I trusted them! And it got me thinking how grateful I was to have ditched the maternity daggies myself and could get back to my normal clothes again. Oh how free I feel! How un-whale-like. How me.

So I decided to do a post (which has actually appeared elsewhere, but that blog died a good bloggy death) on what makes my style my own. I'm wondering how Pepper's will evolve, just as I wonder if Abby will stop wearing shorts and t-shirts and start insisting on dresses. I will have to get someone to shop with her if she does, I am just no good in the frill department.

So anyway. My style:

These shoes are what I'm about. Sneakers. Whether Converse, Vans, Macbeths... any kind of funky sneaker is going to be on my feet. I wear them with dresses, pants or shorts and I'm not fussy. I will MAKE it work. It's sad that I live in such a hot climate, so wear flip-flops (god "thong" is a weird word) most of the time, but as soon as the weather cools, these things go back on my feet.

Me + summer = black Havaianas.

Cutoff denim shorts. It may be very Huck Finn, but I can be found in these pretty much all summer, spring and autumn. Winter changes these to tights or leggings (yes, I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE who wear tights as pants)... but for as long as I can get away with, I'm wearing them. I made these ones about six years ago with a pair of $30 Jay Jays jeans. They are now my favourite pair and I get sad when they're in the wash. That's when I hang off my closet doors and moan "but I've got nothing to weaaarrrrr!". When I was heavily pregnant and had to put them away for a while, I made a pair of maternity cutoffs. True story.

Funky bangles. They can make such a difference to an outfit. This one is my current favourite - I saw a  fellow Instagrammer post this in my feed and I commented underneath I needed to own it. Two weeks and $40 later, this pretty little thing turned up on my doorstep. It says "loose lips sink ships" and it is made of buffalo horn lovingly etched by the very talented Tenille at Eels Jewellery. At first I was all like "uh I can't wear buffalo horn!", but Tenille explained she used these products in her work because she preferred working with organic, sustainable, recycled and biodegradable materials rather than petro-based plastics and resins. The horn is recycled after the buffalo dies naturally.


I have tried so many different hairstyles in my life. Short bobs were my go-to style during high school. Including one memorable disaster just after I'd started a new school, which rendered me an outcast on my second day. My hair is wavy and completely unmanageable and unbrushable in its natural state - it becomes a mass of dried frizz and is hideous to look at. I can't do bangs because of this and because my forehead is too small so I have to use more hair. I'll never have the silky-straight Asian hair I covet, so I just run with what I've got - long and messy. Believe it or not, it's much easier for me to style when it's like this. I usually wash, braid and sleep. Next morning I control the GROSSNESS with a run-over of the GHD and add a little curl. I've made my peace with the fact I'll never be a wash-and-go gal.

Crazy earrings. Big and dangly. Otherwise they get lost in my mop. These were $5 from K-Mart. My style is also Bargain.

Unusual rings. I have teapots, cupcakes, owls, vintage emeralds - anything I can find that catches my eye. Again, a $5 find from Diva.

Socks, stripes and Hello Kitty. All in one item. A gift from a friend who went to Japan.

Hair accessories. I love headbands, barrettes, bobbles on my elastics, everything. Though most days you'll just find this black bow from Diva.

 Roomy, yet semi-fitted tops. I like to hide the E-cups and I like to be comfortable. Anything too structured draws attention to my Lego-man shoulders and I cannot stand anything that hugs my armpits.

Vintage watches. Vintage anything, really - brooches, purses, handbags... I love them all. This was a gift from my beloved on our wedding day. It made me cry and ruined my makeup. 

Perhaps one day Pepper will wear it. Perhaps Abby will fight her for it. Perhaps I'll have to buy two, just to keep them happy... I'm willing to make that sacrifice for my children.

But until then, just look at little Peps in her cute little Cotton On Kids getup. Want to squish the cheeks, no?!

So what do you like to wear? What is your uniform? What is that one thing that encapsulates YOU?

*disclaimer: Cotton On Kids sent me three outfits for the littlest brat. That's all, folks.


  1. hello gorgeous girls, love your styles. I am all about strips on top, Coloured scarves, jeans (length depends on season), sneakers of various colours big rings (make the man hands look smaller) or plenty of arm candy (but not both at the same time)....a big colourful stripy rainbow - e xx

  2. Being a Queensland my summer wardrobe consists of flowy light cotton dress and havaianas. Lots of Colour. Rachel x

  3. That is one seriously cute baby. Love your style - love your baby even more.

  4. I have a ring exactly like your owl! Also, I'm more than happy to lend any frilly skirt advice. ;)

    I'm definitely a skirt wearer and my uniform revolves around skirts and tops with cardis or dresses with… you got it… cardis. I'm a very sad lady when it's too hot to wear a cardi! :)

  5. Mother Down UnderOctober 11, 2012 11:49 AM

    I love style posts! I love to see what bloggers look like!

    And I love your hair! It is gorgeous.
    I do not own a brush. Or a comb. There is absolutely no point. I wash, if I am feeling fancy I put a little product through my hair, air dry and I am done!

    Vans in the winter, Birkenstocks in the summer...I cannot do "thongs"
    Tees and jeans in the winter and dresses in the summer...I am not girlie, I just cannot do anything tight in the summer.
    Lots of bangles...but only on my left wrist.
    And that is me!

    And PS Pepper is just about the cutest baby I have ever seen! I love that her outfit lets the world know that she is a girl but isn't overly pink!

  6. My hair feels your hair's pain. Every frizzy inch of it. I get asked here if I've had it permed. No, I'm just genetically blessed. Cough.

  7. You are very cool. I am jealous because my legs are too short to ever wear 3/4 shorts. Oh Pepper, you're breaking my heart little sweet cupcake!

  8. Some of the people I admire the most style wise are those who are a little quirky and do their own thing. I like the slightly off beat look. People that take something they like and make it work for them.

  9. Oh Pepper is divine. My youngest has been thrashing the Cotton On coloured baby jeans and really is there anything greater than cut-offs and cons?!

  10. I think I've probably mentioned this before but geez, you're disgustingly beautiful.

    My style is "Buddhist blah". I have a uniform, bamboo yoga pants I have 6 pairs, all in black 4 are 3/4 length, 2 are full length. Tops at the moment are a bunch i got from Myer clearance 18 months ago for $5/each - I bought 10 random tank tops/sleeveless t-shirts mostly black with a $50 gift voucher I won. That's how cheap I am.

    I don't wear make up or jewellery and my hair is just how it's grown out since my head was shaved.

  11. pepper is too cute. I wish i could give her a cuddle!
    i wish i had style. I tend to wear opshop thrifty finds and handmade clothes. Lots of dresses. Doc martin boots in winter, flipflops and sandals in summer. Scarves whenever i can. Brooches. Hair clips.

  12. I have no set style, it's constantly changing. There are a few things that remain the same - flowing hippy dresses in summer with sandals or Havi's, jeans, scarves & boots ( flats, never heels!) in winter. I love having different necklaces & bangles in summer . My collection is probs getting outta hand...
    I have crazy curly hair that NEVER looks tidy but I'm ok with that. A few weeks I chopped it off ( from just past shoulders to chin) , I think it'll be ok in a month or so...
    P.S love your style & I can never get over how pretty you are or how gorg your figure is!!! Total hottie !
    P.P.S you guys produce damn cute kids, those cheeks KILL ME!!

  13. Oh, bubby is so precious! My 'thing' is sunglasses. I am obsessed with them, and my partner teases me about it a lot. I struggle a LOT with clothing, because my boobs are still waiting to shrink, and being a shorty, that means I really have to make an effort to create a waist or things look like a matronly tent on me. Some days I do this,some days I don't.

    We're expecting snow here at Batlow, so I have two daggy polar fleece jumpers on, trackies with a hole in the bum and ugg boots. Until I find my cute coats that my man packed somewhere during the move, I'm stuck in dag mode.

    I have a sneaker obsession too! Love them. I also like thongs and sandals. Wedges are my absolute favourite thing in the world! Although I struggle to find the perfect wedge, because my feet are too small.

    I like a lot of jeans and t shirts. I love baseball caps for summer and beanies for winter.

    My hair has no style right now. I lost a lot when I was breastfeeding, and it to this day is still falling out and breaking off! My mantra is just to pull it back or put a hat on it, and do everything I can to grow it.

    I will also say that my clarisonic has changed my life, and makes me feel REALLY good. People always tell me I look really well when I remember to use it. So that's something that my 'style' relies heavily on; looking after my skin.