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  1. I've just been exploring your blog after discovering you at Digital Parents. Really looking forward to your "Legally Mindful" webinar. As a former academic now blogger I've been really curious about people's free and easy use of copyrighted work in the blogosphere! Will have notepad handy to hear your take on it. Cheers, Lara

  2. Just luv your blog! And found your posts on being legal within one's blog, very helpful! I actually wanted to do you watermark for your photos - I have been searching high a low for an app/software that will allow me to create an original/personal logo based watermark as nice as yours! I seem to be stuck, do you have a suggestion for me, or would you share what you do to your photos to help protect them online? Thanks so much!!

  3. Re-the cushion in carnival 8 ply yarn:Its gorgeous, but the needle size doesnt make sense. Ball band says to use 4mm needles! I tried 6mm needles, but it turns out too holey! How can I make it look like yours? AG

    1. I'm so sorry - I have no idea! That is literally what I used :( My cushion is quite holey when you see it up close, the stitches are big. Maybe try with the 4mm needles and adjust the casting on stitches? You'll probably need more if they're going to be tighter, smaller stitches. It will also have the same overall look, just probably neater than mine! Please let me know how you go.


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