Vintage cookbooks. I has them.

I has lots of them.

And being that they're too pretty/funny/out of date/charming/full of aspic and jellied meat salads, I feel it is my duty to share them with the larger population.

This year I will be profiling each of my books, and attempting a recipe found within its yellowed pages. Pages marked with annotations of home cooks from yesteryear, dog-eared and sometimes covered in flour and goodness knows what else. I will also hunt for the most disgusting-sounding recipe I can find, and show you all the quaint bits and pieces they feature.

If you have any questions, or requests, or see something in a photo you want the recipe for, leave a comment or email me: [email protected].

The Ladies Handbook, 1947
Cherry Ripe Slice from the Harston CWA cookbook
Raspberry Buns and nana's war cookbook
Tried Favourites Cookery Book, 1948
Cherry Afternoon Tea Cakes and the WMU Cookery Book, 1952
Hot Cross Buns from the 1970s Australian Women's Weekly recipe cards

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