Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meal Plan

I'm trying something different this week, by attempting a healthy mac and cheese. It is meant to be entirely fat-free but I just cannot do fat-free cheese. I'm not even going to try. However, I always use low-fat soy milk in everything, and this mac and cheese also has artichokes as part of its sauce. I'm definitely willing to try that! Will let you know how I go.

The veggie curry is actually Adam Liaw's Fish Head Curry that he told me is awesome vegetarianised. Can't hurt to experiment :)

This week I'm also adding whatever I'm making in the kitchen to have on hand for Veggie Baby.

 ravioli with veggie-tomato sauce and toasted sourdough 
 crispy fillets with apricot sauce, rice and broccoli 
 healthy mac and cheese, salad 
 veggie curry and rice 
 sundried tomato, spinach and feta strudel with roasted potatoes and peas 

 glazed apple cinnamon scrolls 

 pumpkin, broccoli and sweetcorn puree 
 apple and kiwi puree 

You can find the apple scroll recipe here and the strudel recipe here.



  1. Oh my gosh - if you succeed with a health Mac'N'Cheese I will adore you (and my husband will probably want to marry you)! :) It's his favourite dish, but I can't stomach it due to knowing how much crap is in there (and I can eat a packet of tim tams in one sitting!). Can't wait to hear how you go.

  2. Haha you'll be the first to know! I'm so fussy with it... gotta taste good.

  3. I don't do fat free anything when it comes to dairy but then that's probably why people googling blubber belly are arriving at my blog. Thanks Google. Apple scroll sounds divine!

  4. pfft, people are just assholes that's all! fat-free dairy is the devil's work.


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