Meatless Mondays

Are you doing Meatless Mondays? Wanting to? Wanting to know more about it?

It's pretty simple - just one day a week, cut out meat. Some people simply make one meatless dinner a week, and that's fine too. I'll never shout from the rooftops and force you to convert, but I'm a huge fan of just cutting back, or making a different meal every now and then.

Sometimes you just make dinner and it's accidentally veggie. You haven't set out for it to be that way, but it just doesn't have any meat in it. And I bet it's delicious.

I ain't preaching, so if you want more information, the Australian site is here, and the worldwide site here.
I do recommend you read them, there's a lot of cool stuff and great explanations of the reasons behind it.

I started a linky - mostly for inspiration, but it's cool also to have somewhere to be accountable, if that helps. So link up if you've made a meatless dinner - whether for Meatless Monday, or just because, or even accidentally! It's a bit of fun, with excellent consequences :)

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